Welcome to Escaping War!


We proudly announce the online premiere of our documentary Escaping War. Please join us next Thursday, March 26 at 19:00 Barcelona/Vienna time. Check times for other locations below.

Duration: 45 minutes. Catalan, English and Spanish subtitles available. Check here how to turn on subtitles on YouTube.

Download our proposal of activities for secondary school students during the Covid-19 quarantine here: English version, Catalan version, Spanish version 

Release time in other locations:

  1. 19:00 Barcelona/Vienna time
  2. 20:00 Damascus time
  3. 18:00 London time
  4. 14:00 New York time
  5. 11:00 Los Angeles time
  6. 23:30 New Dehli time
  7. 21:00 Moscow time




Crossing the French border through Pas de Lli in the Pyrenees, just like more than 500.000 Spanish refugees did back in 1939

 Escaping War is a bilateral project between Institut Vall de Llémena in Sant Gregori (Catalonia) and NMS/VBS In der Krim in Vienna (Austria). The project is funded by the European Union and has a total duration of 3 school years. It involves 12 year-old students from both schools who will learn about the Syrian and the Spanish civil wars. Students will be trained on narrating and shooting a documentary and will make themselves their own documentary on the subject throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

Training and assessment will involve the creation of a bank of rubrics on documentary narration that will be jointly developed by both schools and shared in this website for free and public use.

During these three years there will be two Erasmus+ KA2 student mobilities for the development and edition of the documentary. The documentary will be released during the first half of the 2018-2019 school year.

This is a huge challenge for all of us so please feel free to CONTACT US for any help or suggestions 🙂

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