The Project

Project Overview

Project number: 2016-1-ES01-KA219-025672_1

Erasmus+ KA2 full title: Escaping War: Sharing refugees’ memories. ELP and e2-Transfolio working together for a better Europe

  • Coordinating school: Institut Vall de Llémena (Catalonia)
  • Partner school: NMS/VBS In der Krim (Austria)
  • Duration: 36 months
  • Involved students: All students in every level, adding lower level students every year
    • Institut Vall de Llémena: First of ESO students (2004 promotion)
    • NMS In der Krim: First and second level of Secondary 1 (2004/2005/2006 promotions)
  • Travelling students:
    • 25 Catalan students and 4 teachers travelling to Vienna
    • 25 Austrian students and 4 teachers travelling to Sant Gregori

Project objectives

Presentació Barcelona Escaping War 27 maig.001

  1. Integrating features of the European Language Portfolio to e2-Transfolio
  2. Creating a bank of rubrics, common to both schools, public and open to everyone, to assess the varied competences worked in the project
  3. Creating the documentary Escaping War, about the escape of Syrian refugees and the Spaniards who exiled to France during the Civil War. The main actors in the documentary being Syrian children who made it to Austria and survivors from the Spanish Civil War who were exiled to France.
  4. Building a website gathering and organizing all the planning and implementation of the project, along with the bank of rubrics, the students portfolios and the making process of the documentary and its continual assessment



Course 2016/2017

  • Development of Linguistic Biography of the ELP
  • Basic training of teachers and students, involving experts in the field
  • Common creation of rubrics
  • Gathering audiovisual materials for the creation of the documentary
  • Building and updating a website

Course 2017/2018

  • Creation of the documentary
  • Challenges and evidence of the Portfolio (local activity)
  • Student Mobilities:
    • Catalan students to Vienna: First term of 2017/2018 course
    • Austrian students to Sant Gregori: Third term of 2017/2018 course

Course 2018/2019

  • Working on the Portfolio and developing the ELP
  • Finishing the documentary
  • Dissemination of results and teaching experience
  • Paper writing

Competences mind map