Day 2

March 13, 2017

Task 2: Every family has got a story to tell

You need to find a real story from the Spanish Civil War or Post War that happened to your family or to any person close to you. Write about it. You will later share it with your group and finally with the whole class.





Task 3: Escape

Imagine you need to leave the country and you can only take with you whatever you can carry using a suitcase or a bundle. It is February and you need to get to France through the Manrella mountain pass. What objects are you taking with you? Take into account the final weight of your baggage, together with the distance, time of the year and holography.

Task 4: Vides Aturades

Visualize the video assigned to your group. After watching it you need to introduce it to the rest of the students so they get an idea of what they are going to see

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