Day 3

March 14, 2017

What you need to take with you: PPT Presentation

Venue: Alberg Pau Casals, Entorn d’Aprenentatge del Canigó (France)

Daily Plan


Crossing the French border through the Pyrenees

We crossed the border the way thousands of republicans did, back in 1939. We entered France through the Lli mountain pass in the Pyrenees, carrying a suitcase from that time.

Visit to Argelers concentration camp

This is one of the concentration camps where about 100.000 refugees ended up, after losing all their goods and families

France 3 is following us!

We just arrived at el Camp d’Aprenentatge del Canigó. A crew from France 3 TV was waiting for us and will be recording our experience for two days to make a short programme for French TV

Conference by Ramon Gual

His father was exiled to France and confined in the Argelers concentration camp. Ramon and his mother were separated from his father. He was lucky to meet his father again in 1940. Thank you for telling us about it, and about the life of refugees in Catalunya Nord