Vienna transnational meeting

From December 13 to December 16, 2016

Meeting objectives:

  1. Adapting the project to the new conditions given after its approval, namely those concerning chronology and budget
  2. Defining responsibilities for both institutions and to specific persons in both schools. We created the Erasmus+ commission, with one representative of each school for every position
  3. Common edition of attendance and participation certificates
  4. Defining the participation of collaborating institutions and external
    experts in both schools
  5. Revising content, benefits and conditions of travel insurances to ensure a common coverage
  6. Agreeing participation criteria for students and teachers in the mobilities
  7. Introducing the use of rubrics to the students in Vienna

 Welcome by In der Krim students


Project meetings


Rubric creation workshop

Institut Vall de Llémena teachers give a workshop on rubric creation. Austrian students develop a rubric of their own and then use it to assess their classmates notebooks.

European Language Portfolio observation