Escaping War, at the APAC ELT Convention

Today we are taking part on a round table organised by the APAC (Associació de Professors d’Anglès de Catalunya) held at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. Here’s a video summary of the project for the assistants. Thank you for noticing us!


Task 2: Every family has a story to tell

Ask your grandparents for any story they can tell you about the Civil War or the hare days that followed. Did they fight? Did they escape? Did they hide? Where did they get their food from? Did anyone help them? Did they help anyone? Every family has a story to tell. Tell your own so no one forgets.

Write your story at home. Include as many details as you can. Don’t add anything to the story. All details must be real.

Once in class, tell your story to the other people in your group. Your group must select only one story.

Record your story in Audio format and make a video out of it, using iMovie, Adobe Spark or any video editor of your choice. Add images to illustrate the story.

Task 1: History repeating

You need to find pictures of any active conflict in the planet related to the following topics:

  • Bombings
  • Daily survival
  • Fleeing the country
  • Refugee camps

Choose pictures of each of these topics and share them with your group. Make a final selection so you have one picture of each topic.

Use THIS LINK to access pictures of the Spanish Civil War. Select those that most resemble the ones you selected from active conflicts all over the world.

Use iMovie to edit a video showing one picture after the other one to highlight how similar they are. Here are some rules you need to follow:

  1. Deactivate the Ken Burns effect
  2. Fade in from black and fade out to black
  3. Long transitions (1.5-2 seconds)
  4. Pinch  your pics in and out to make the key elements in both pictures meet in the same place
  5. Find an appropriate soundtrack. Fade the soundtrack in and out


Task 0: Refugee Crisis World Map

For this task you need to create a world map showing active conflicts in the world.

  • You need to include a minimum of 10 conflicts and a maximum of 15
  • All conflicts must involve a refugee crisis and must be active now
  • You need to explain what criteria did you follow to choose those conflicts and not others
  • You need to use an ICT tool of your choice
  • You need to include the following information: 1) Country/countries involved, 2) origin of the conflict and 3) number of people who have fled the country so far.

EU workshop at the Demokratiewerkstatt

Today, the 3b Krim class visited the “Demokratiewerkstatt” (workshop center of the Austrian parliament) for a workshop about the European Union. They were split up in groups to work on different issues of the European Union (history and development, tasks of the EU, Austria and the EU and the 4 freedoms) and created their own “EU newspaper”