Crossing the French border through the Pyrenees

We crossed the border the way thousands of republicans did back in 1939. We entered France through the Pas de Lli in the Pyrenees. Every 5 students carried an old suitcase with the belongings they would take with them if they were to flee their own country.




Project week task 3: Escape

Imagine you need to leave the country and you can only take with you whatever you can carry using a suitcase or a bundle. It is December and you need to get to France through the Manrella mountain pass. What objects are you taking with you? Take into account the final weight of your baggage, together with the distance, time of the year and holography.

Make a list of objects and share it with your group. Then, make a common list with the objects that your group will take with them. Take into account that you will need to put all those objects in an old suitcase and carry them all the way to France!

Spanish Post-war, first hand

Once again, Mr. Florenci Teixidor, who was only two years old at the end of the Spanish Civil War, has come to the school to tell our students about the hard times that came after the war, which brought food shortage, revenge, and the disappearance of his own father. That was a great experience thanks Florenci!



Project week task 1: Reflecting War

Today we are starting our project week. One group will be working on Task 1 while the other will get some training on documentary shooting by ESCAC teacher Roi.

If you are in Group 1, here’s what you need to do:

We assume that you have already been looking for images related to the Syrian Civil War. You needed to find an image for each of the following subjects:

Bombings, daily survival, fleeing people, refugee camps. You must write a brief reflection of the feelings this image brings out to you. Attach the location and time it was taken if possible. You must mention the source you got it from.

Classify the images in the Google Drive folders named:

  • Bombings
  • Daily survival
  • Fleeing people
  • Refugee camps

There must be kids in the pictures you choose.

Open the worksheet EscapingWar_activity1, print it at home and complete it before starting Task 1 at school.


Task 1: Steps

  1. Tell your group why you have chosen these instead of any other
  2. Cut out the images you brought. Every expert in the group collects all pictures related to their speciality (bombings, daily survival, fleeing people, refugee camps)
  3. Leave the group and join the expert group dealing with your speciality
  4. Once in the expert group, choose a total of seven pictures
  5. Open the Google Drive folder escaping war>CivilSpanishWarphotosand select 7 pictures of the Spanish Civil War that can complement your photos from Syria
  6. Share your selection with your group of experts via AirDrop
  7. Go back to your original group
  8. Use iMovie to create a video with 7 images of each category, with the Syrian pictures fading to black and white and following the Spanish Civil War ones. Make sure to deactivate the Ken Burns effect for a smooth transition.
  9. Add some music
  10. Upload your final video to the Google Drive folder escaping war>videos-final product, using the name escaping_act1_grup1, using your group number at the end.