Escaping War, presented to the Vienna board of education

In der Krim presented our project today to the Vienna board of education. They won the Vielfalt macht Schule diversity award. Congratulations Krim! it’s nice to see you again 🙂


Our story by In der Krim

Here’s a very visual presentation of the story of Escaping War made by our In der Krim partners. Definitely worth seeing thank you Krim 🙂

Back to Grifeu. Time to have fun

This might have been the best time in the whole week. We came back to Grifeu and just had fun. Nothing else. We are proud of your work and we hope many of these friendships will last for long. Thank you all and thank you to the Austrian and Catalan host families who made it possible to get here. The project is not over yet but we already are where we wanted to be 🙂




History Museum

Today we got a guided visit to the History Museum in Girona. We learned about the origins of the war. The galleries under the museum were used as an anti-air raid shelters too.

… and this is what the bombings looked like to 9, 10 and 11-year olds: